Friday, April 9, 2010

In the last few weeks...

Its been crazy busy.

March saw the last birthday for a couple of months.. My Darling Hubby is now 38.. a real "old" man LOL And end of school term, which also meant school photos. Nat's cast came off.. and that was funny.. her appt at the hospital to get if off fell on school photo day! So the night before Glenn & I got the snips and hacksaw and yep you guessed it.. cut it off.. YAY that eased the stress of the next day. Then the Thursday was last day of school for the term, and that afternoon we left for NSW Glenn's dad is unwell.. so it was a great time to spend time with the in-laws. Even David & Adele came down with Tegan & Liam. and Jeffrey had the boys so mum & dad had ALL the grand kids together for what could possibly be the last time with Poppy! :( Jarrod & Julie were Married on Easter Sunday and it was lovely.. even better was that we were KID FREE! Mel & Nat who were going to go to the wedding, stayed with mum & dad and it was lovely. The wedding was at Toowoon Bay, looking over the ocean. And the reception was then at Crowne Plaza Terrigal.

We had a BBQ dinner up at the fire, and spent the next day running around. Nat of course caught up with Eb her best friend. We got a photo of ALL the grand kids together, of course one had to be grumpy.. and Tuesday we headed off back home!! 10hrs it took. So we have had a busy time!!

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  1. 38 OLD????????? I am soooo not talking to you ! :P