Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nat Breaks her wrist... Sat Feb 27

Nat's all excited, she's going blading at the skating rink for her friends birthday party..
I drop her off at 650.. head off to Mellissa's for a facial girly night.. I had not long been there when I checked my phone to reveal 2 missed calls, one from a mobile number, the other from home. I rang Glenn.. He tell's me Nat's stacked it at skating, and they think she's broken her arm. I returned the call to the mobile number and there's no answer.. I head off to the rink and the number called me again. Told them i was on my way..
Get there she is sobbing!! Her wrist looks deformed a little and she can't move anything with out screaming. so we head to the hospital. which happens to be on the way home anyway lol
from 8pm - 130 we were at the hospital.
We only waited just over an hour and we were called in... the dr ordered an xray and we waited for him to return with results.
yep the wrist is broken, she needs to be sedated to re-set the bones (or it was a general anesthetic) so we went ahead with that.
The sound of the bones grinding together was the hardest part as a parent.
We had to wait until the sedative wore off, she had another xray (confirming the position of the bones) and then we could go..
Today she is ok.. not too much pain. Just getting used to not using her RIGHT hand LOL

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm in Love....

My Great friend Rachel introduced me to a site that lets you make your photos totally awesome! I now blame her for giving me another time consuming hobby LOL
Here are a few Images I played with tonight :) Enjoy xoxo

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 2.. Monday 22nd Feb

Thing to top the day:
Ben says....

God is going to SLURP us up to heaven, but he might get a tummy ache, so he will have to spit us out up there!

Ben has a preschool teacher, her name is Rona.. She has very black skin.. he was telling me that he didn't want to touch her black skin, but the white on the inside of her hand is ok.. We are in no way racist, this, he has come up with on his own (or from friends are preschool) so I am working on teaching him that there is no differece between colours. And God loves us all the same!!
its funny as I was only just saying to Mellissa today I wondered if their skin felt different, as it looks so shiny and smooth.. will it be like their hair being more coarse? Interesting indeed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First post.. new start!

Welcome to the new blog for our household!

I was umming and ahhing as to what to do. and Now since I'm used to this I will continue!

2010 is the year for organisation!

today it started with arranging my desk in a useful manner.. before it was rather cluttered. And I hated what I saw every time I looked at it!!


I now have a nice lot of shelves to put my scrapping stuff. I have missed scrapping. and can't wait to get it organised and start into it again!!

now, I'm exhausted, so I'm off to bed.

NIGHT xoxo