Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15... Nat's 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Nat!!!
11 Already! wow.
She had a great day, opened pressies first thing, took a cake to school, came home and then Sizzler for dinner with Cousin's Tegan & Liam, Aunty Adele & Uncle David..
phone call's from Loved ones.. was a good day.
And she got a heap of pressies that she really wanted!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleepy Head..

Doing what I would love to be doing..
Had to wake him up and Kaitlyn.. then he says, "mum you didn't have to wake me up" hehe oh yes I did :p even then it took 4 goes before he stopped hiding under the covers.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mel's Art

Mel's first Art Assignment for the year.. came back with an A- woohoo
it also happens to be the highest mark of the class!

Can you tell Im a proud mama? lol

My Inlaws would be proud...

We got a keyboard for the kids at xmas time..
kids have loved having it. Mel's music skills have improved, and Kaitlyn can now play a few little songs.. its very cute!
Glenn however, was caught by me Saturday playing the keyboard. He learnt piano for many years as a kid, and never had a desire to learn.
He spent most of the day, thankfully with headphones on mucking around.. was rather embarrassed when caught LOL And when he had to ask Mel how to do things :)

What to do on a rainy day.....

Well today, was yet again another Rainy day!!

what to do this afternoon... something with PHOTOS!!!

Now my desk is getting organised I'm feeling the urge to scrap again. its been awhile!

So I sat down and organised some photos.. which lead to more photos.. and now I pulled all the photos out of my wooden chest and sorted out a heap of photos of Andrew & I growing up!!

that has been a huge job for me that I have been avoiding for too long. its mostly sorted.. still have to sort by year & date & subject but its all out of the original envelopes and the negatives are in their own mini power sort box..

Now I have to figure out what do to with my big pixi photos...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally getting somewhere...

I've had a couple of "lazy" days..
today I have finally gotten to achieve something..
Got Rachel & Ben's room tidy (with Ben's help) and vacuumed
Mel's room tidy (and vacuumed)
Hallway clear & vac'd
Took Ben up to get his Needles.. he cuddled into me, the nurse was fantastic and when the 2nd needle went in, he said "OW" Nothing else!! We called into the library where playgroup was being held.. then Headed to lunch with Mellissa & Josiah at maccas.
Then up to the school to get Nat and take her to the fracture clinic.. DR is happy with how her arm is going and will leave it another week before changing the cast. yay

Came home and vacuumed the loungeroom before off to get the kids from school..
Now home i haven't stopped either.. Mel's room is finished and tea is cooked (fried rice)
Little ones are bathed.. and I'm ready for BED!!!

Have a good evening!